I started blogging over a year ago.  I didn’t know what I was doing…at all.  I just put up posts.  I didn’t drive traffic, I didn’t post every day.  My husband had really wanted me to do it, so I found something I was passionate about and began posting.   I didn’t understand any of the potential and I didn’t know what do, then I got bored and quit..for a whole year.

Then a second topic caught my interest.  I began to read other blogs and thought to myself I can do this.  I started blogging exactly a year to date on my old blog and quickly started a new one.  Again, I knew nothing, just adding posts.  Was there really more?  Write it and they will come right?

This is my journal of all the things I will be trying. This way I won’t have store it somewhere I can just go back to my blog to find all my strategies.

Now you can follow my adventures, as I learn, a complete novice and no techie skills at all.  The 2 biggest surprises, aside from the fact that I haven’t worked since ’92 is that I am 41 and a female.  Yeah, I don’t like change, barely miss learning and it seems I spend my time asking my husband how to do things.

Follow my from nothing to something???  I hope something.  If not, I will rename this blog “FAIL” or maybe “I Tried”.  Nonetheless, I will show you what I try and what I learn.  This is going to be either funny or informative.

Well, off to learn what Twitter is, ok I know what it is, just how to use it.