Mar 26 2010

Day 7 of 31 Days to a Better Blog

So glad at this point that I don’t have any followers reading this blog because it’s been a while since I have showed you my progress on my blogs.

On Day 7 Pro Blogger talks about Linking to other sites.  Funny thing this is the one thing I have learned to do and have been doing for weeks now.  As a matter of fact in a women’s world I think this is almost easier. I find all kinds of places to link up with the Mr. Linky’s and different meme’s happening.

Here is a list that I am currently linking to on a regular schedule.  I have watched and this is slowly getting me traffic.  I still don’t have a ton, but that’s ok, I mean at this point my site is 4 months old.

Check out yesterdays post to see where I am linking too.

As you can see these are all for my Money4ThisNot4That site.  My VacationThrills site has been harder to do this with.  Although the other big thing is the time commitment.  Doing 2 sites is a lot for a beginner, and then adding this blog,  haha, what was I thinking?

The learning process has been fun.  As a matter of fact I have even shared ideas with my husband.  Sometimes he thinks they might be kind of dumb, but then that’s when I realize that a womens blogging world is different than the guys.

We like cute sites and social networking.  It’s not competitive, it’s growing our blogs together.

Still, I have looked through what ProBlogger has to say.  He does give tips on how to make these better link content instead posting a quick link.  Which I have been guilty of,  oops.



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