Mar 18 2010

Figuring it Out

I am still working on just the few things I know.  I have signed up for other Blog sites.  I know this doesn’t drive a ton of traffic,  but I have noticed at least some traffic.

Today I signed up for BlogHer.  I do need to get back to the 31 days to a Better Blog because I need to start implementing some new things.

I have worked really hard to come up with lists, although for one of my sites it’s a little harder.  When my post is really good, or at least one I have put tons of time into, I do some of the things that I have talked about in previous posts to direct traffic to it.

One of the first things we had to do in the 31 Days was write a long a short description of our site.  I love this because it really gave me clarity, but also because whenever I sign up for things like BlogHer, I just cut and paste my description in, super easy.



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