Mar 3 2010

Another Moms Blog Directory

Today I joined this blog directory.  It does one of two things.  It helps me get noticed, but it also gives me a community of like blogs to compare too and share with. I am hoping by joining this directory to get more traffic

Today I added both M4TN4T and Vacation Thrills to Top Mommy Blogs.

Remember when commenting to keep it sincere.  Everyone does it for traffic, but don’t make it obvious.  I know even though I should do it for traffic I usually only comment when I have something really positive to say or if I am truly interested and have a question.  Also I am not truly sure what protocol is, but when you add your comment your name becomes  a link to your site, so no need to add another link within your comment.

Can’t wait to work on Day 5 tomorrow.  I spent a lot of time today looking at other similar blogs, ready to focus on my own now.


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