Mar 2 2010

Google Blog Search

Never knew this existed.  I have been putting different things into the search engine trying to find Travel Blogs.  Now I know that there are a million out there, but I was having troubles just finding the blogs. This is a great tool to have so you can look through whatever your niche blog is about.

Day 4 was to look for similar blogs and compare.

Once you find one that is similar to your niche start looking on their blog for a blogroll.  Basically this is a list of blogs that they follow that are more often than not, similar.  Gardeners like to follow other gardeners, techies like to follow other techies and couponers like to follow other couponers.

The reason why I did this today was to find other blogs like mine.  Find out what they were doing, how they were different and how they were the same.  What I could change and maybe even what they were doing to create so much traffic.

As I began to look through the different sites it made me realize that all of them are a dime a dozen.  What am I going to do to stand out, to be different?  Especially when I think through Money4ThisNot4That.

There are a lot of sights that list off the grocery ads every week and show you coupon match ups.  There are many that I follow, simply because they help me find the coupons that I want.  I too list deals, but not to the extent that they do, nor will I ever.

So I ask myself…How then am I different from them?

Well, I want my sight to also highlight the things that I choose to buy.  I also think I can set myself apart by showing ways to save money that might not be just couponing, but also shopping great sales and looking for bargain, because that is what I do.

I have wanted to remain true to myself through this blogging adventure.  That too will set me apart.  I won’t list sales that stock up on pre packaged food.  Why?

1.  I won’t eat any of it
2.  I won’t even go out to see if the sale is really going on and if everything falls into place with coupons and catalinas.

Alright that is probably more information that you wanted, but do you see how I am trying to be similar, but also find my way to being different?  Setting myself apart, actually hoping for a little different kind of traffic.

My travel blog is also in the same boat.  I don’t know how I want it to be different.  I still need to think about that one.  I want to keep writing on tips from my travels, but also highlight any specials that I see going on.  Still not sure how to set that one up completely either.

I still need to figure out how to make that one stand out.  I think I just need more time and be willing to come back to this day and try again.

So what is your blog about?  Were you able to find others in your niche?  What things did you like and what things do you know you can do better?



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