Apr 24 2010

I Did Get Noticed

I haven’t posted anything for awhile, because I have Blogging ADHD.

You know what that is right?

One minute you are totally focused on driving traffic to your site by looking for Memes or Carnivals and the next thing you know you are 3 sites in, no idea how you got there, curled up on the couch, tea in had and laughing like crazy or amazed at how someone could do that.

Blogging ADHD, I have it bad.

Let me share with you what I have done and where I have been and what I am learning along the way.

I shared with you my blogging schedule. I really like this as it’s the one thing that does keep me on a schedule, plus it’s super helpful when I need ideas to blog about.  I also have daily carnivals that I can participate in IF I want too.

In a woman’s world there are blog carnivals/meme’s everywhere.  Find your niche and start looking around and you will see them.  Not so much the case with the men blogs.

I was recently talking with a friend that said there are some really successful women bloggers out there.  I think it’s probably due to the fact that they are more willing to share some Link Love.

I have focused hard on replying to all comments that come into my blogs.  Not only do I reply, but I also try and send an email too.  I have started to form friendships from this, which is good.  You want that.

My husband helps me with my blog layout.  Just today we added a tool bar across the bottom where people can join Facebook, Twitter and get recent notifications.  I love it because it doesn’t take up any more space on my blog.

I added this specifically because I am doing a giveaway next week.  Why am I doing a giveaway you might ask?  Well here’s the shortened version.

I joined a huge Blog Party.

I got noticed as a Blogger that teaches Kids the Value of Money.  I was asked to use, review and giveaway their product, which I now have a Life time membership too.

I have also signed up in another Women’s blogging Community and I am hoping to have my special day that they notice and promote my site.  It should still be a few months away, but excited for it.

Tonight I am going to a dinner that I was invited too.  It’s a local blogger here in town and she invited me so others could meet me, another local blogger.  How cool is that?

I am getting noticed and rather quickly I might add.  I have put lots of time into this, and I am slowly learning how to put less time into it each day.

I am still plugging through ProBloggers stuff, so stay tuned, I will report back in later.


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