Apr 3 2010

Beauty of a Bookmark-5 Great Things About Delicious

Everyday I learn something new.  I am bound and determined to figure all this out.  You get to see the cleaned up version of what I am learning and posting, but I spend a lot of time stumbling around trying to make sense of things that most people have known about for quite some time, yet there are people out there that have no idea what some of these things are.  For that I am in an advantageous position.

So here is what I have recently learned:

There is a bookmarking site that I use called Delicious.  I added the tool bar to the top of Firfox browser and began bookmarking things I wanted to come back too.  Things that caught my attention and things that seemed important enough to not lose sight of.  I loved this book marking system, well I still do, but what I didn’t understand right away was how beneficial it was for those I was bookmarking.  They long for this, they hope for this, they want this kind of attention.  I was helping myself and them.  Now that I totally get it, I really love it.

So how does Delicious work?

First you will need to add the Bookmarks to your tool bar.  The browser I prefer and use is Firefox and you can go HERE to see how that is done, there is also Internet Explorer if that is the option you would prefer.  Still didn’t hit the one you use, well go HERE and see if you can find one more to your liking. The other option is to add Bookmarklet, which is what I did.

Once that is installed all you have to do is click on Bookmark on Delicious and you can add your bookmarks with tags.

The 5 Great Things about Delicious

1.   You can organize your bookmarks as well.  I have quite a few lists going.  I have frugal finds, travel, recipes and blogging.  I can make lists from all the things that I have bookmarked to help me keep up on good deals, find travel deals, make new recipes  and keep up on my blogging.

2.   Send your bookmarks to your friends – I love when I find something so great and I like to pass it along, this makes it easy.

3.   Search through your bookmarks by tags – I can pull up one topic at a time, it’s great.

4.   Because this is an online program you can access your bookmarks from anywhere – When I go visit someone and jump on their computer and want to show them something it’s hard to remember all the things I have bookmarked on my computer, but not with this bookmarking system.

5.   You can get subscriptions to specific tags.  Just choose a category, add a subscriptions and it helps locate those sites.

All the while I am doing this I am also promoting these sites bringing attention to them.  This is not the only site out there that does this, but I do like to use this for myself so I wanted to pass along what I have been learning.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what this site can do.  So head on over get started, bookmark your favorites.  And next time someone says to you I love your site and I bookmarked it, it will really mean something to you.


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