Mar 29 2010

Days 8 and 9

I am putting these 2 together because I thought 8 was easy, but 9 is taking forever.

On Day 8 I was to link within my own blog.  The good news is I have actually done that quite a bit and will continue to do it as much as I can.  So that was no big deal.  I think that keeps people on your site longer, looking for more information.

Day 9 was finding forums in your niche.  I found the forums that wasn’t the hard part.  The hard part for me was getting logged in and trying to figure out how to use a forum.  I don’t use those often and now I remember why.  They just don’t make a lot of sense to me, but I am learning.

I joined Frugal Village and A Full Cup for my Money4ThisNot4That.  Each one has a direct link to my blog.  I am also hoping I can learn tips and tricks from being on there and also have more for my own blog.

I had an Ah Ha moment when I finally found The Blog Frog.  I like this forum and think I can easily get involved.  You can see I signed up for it HERE, I just didn’t understand it at the time.  I’m a little slow, but at least I am figuring this thing out myself.

I am making some progress.  Before you know it I will have my The BlogFrog banner on my website and people can join my community.  Love this.

Off to do my victory dance.



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