Feb 28 2010

How it all Began

Here is where my journey begins.  I am already on Day 3 and wanted to start making notes of all I have done.  I am so NOT techie that I don’t even know where I should be saving things.  I have created a lot of folders in Safari.  That seems to working for now.  And just so I don’t have to start looking around for things I store a lot on my Desktop.  I am hoping to come up with some systems for all that along the way.

The first day was to write a long and short description of your blog.  Doing this was actually great because it helped me really define what my site was going to be about. I felt energized.  Here is what I came up with…

Money 4 This Not 4 That

When I have extra money I want to spend it on things I truly enjoy, like a nice dinner out, a nice bottle of wine or even a dream vacation.  Follow me as I  help you save money on the things like food and household supplies,  and you can choose where the extra goes.

Spending money on things you enjoy and saving with coupons and sales on the things you need to buy everyday.

Vacation Thrils

Vacation Thrills takes you to the top of some of the highest coasters and as low as the beaches of Mexico, affordably, not missing anything along the way. What’s your vacation thrill?

From the highest coasters to the beaches of Mexico, affordably

The second day was to write a list post and the 3rd day was to promote it.

If you would like to read my list posts you find one HERE and the other one HERE.

I tried several of the ideas for promoting.   I put a lot of time into my 2 blogs promoting them.  I didn’t know what most of the things on the list even were.  For the first time I went to Digg, after I posted my blog there I found out you aren’t supposed to “Digg” your own post, oops.

Prior to reading any of ProBlogers stuff I had found the site Finer Things in Life.  I read about it, saw a link and decided to write a post for it specifically.  Then first thing Friday(since it was a Friday link) I linked to it and that is where most of my traffic came from.

Finally tonight I made my husband show me stats.  I just had to know if the stuff I tried really worked.  Sure enough I went from 22 to 91 visitors.

The first thing I did myself before I started this program was I registered my blog on Blogged.com and Blogger.com.  I got traffic (21 visits) from Blogged.com.  The rest were from my leaving comments and linking to a very well written post.

I signed up for theBlogFrog.  Not sure what it is, need to put time into that. I am linking my Travel Blog in to Travelwebdir.com.  Not sure what this is either, but it can’t hurt.  Looks like issues on their side, not sure if it went through.

Now Vacation Thrills wasn’t quite as successful.  I had a hard time finding places to make comments or link up.  I still have homework to do on that one.

For me it’s a successful start.

Until I start Day 4 I will be doing the following:

Reading up and learning what Social Bookmarking is and seeing if it’s important.

Setting up Facebook pages for my blogs.  Doing it all by Trial and Error. One accidentally got published and I don’t know how to unpublished it.  I think I accidentally published one twice.  UGH!!

Just signed up my Travel blog with Travelblogexchange.com.  I haven’t linked any posts yet, need to keep reading.

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  1. Days 8 and 9 wrote:

    […] Frog.  I like this forum and think I can easily get involved.  You can see I signed up for it HERE, I just didn’t understand it at the time.  I’m a little slow, but at least I am […]

    March 29th, 2010 at 12:48 am


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