Mar 29 2010

Days 8 and 9

I am putting these 2 together because I thought 8 was easy, but 9 is taking forever. On Day 8 I was to link within my own blog.  The good news is I have actually done that quite a bit and will continue to do it as much as I can.  So that was no […]

Mar 26 2010

Day 7 of 31 Days to a Better Blog

So glad at this point that I don’t have any followers reading this blog because it’s been a while since I have showed you my progress on my blogs. On Day 7 Pro Blogger talks about Linking to other sites.  Funny thing this is the one thing I have learned to do and have been […]

Mar 25 2010

Schedule Your Posts – Then Stick To It

I have finally come up with somewhat of a schedule and I think that can really help me stay focused, but also keep me motivated. Here is what my schedule looks like right now. Monday Monday mayhem – what ads are looking good and any coupon match ups $5 Dinner at Tuesday Tuesday Tips […]

Mar 18 2010

Figuring it Out

I am still working on just the few things I know.  I have signed up for other Blog sites.  I know this doesn’t drive a ton of traffic,  but I have noticed at least some traffic. Today I signed up for BlogHer.  I do need to get back to the 31 days to a Better […]

Mar 3 2010

Another Moms Blog Directory

Today I joined this blog directory.  It does one of two things.  It helps me get noticed, but it also gives me a community of like blogs to compare too and share with. I am hoping by joining this directory to get more traffic Today I added both M4TN4T and Vacation Thrills to Top Mommy […]

Mar 2 2010

Google Blog Search

Never knew this existed.  I have been putting different things into the search engine trying to find Travel Blogs.  Now I know that there are a million out there, but I was having troubles just finding the blogs. This is a great tool to have so you can look through whatever your niche blog is […]

Mar 1 2010

Few More Things

Today all I did was finish submitting my blog at Blogging Women.  I submitted both my websites, so I will have to see if I get anything from either one of those. The Blog Frog did direct some traffic to me, so I need to go figure out what that is and where it was […]

Feb 28 2010

How it all Began

Here is where my journey begins.  I am already on Day 3 and wanted to start making notes of all I have done.  I am so NOT techie that I don’t even know where I should be saving things.  I have created a lot of folders in Safari.  That seems to working for now.  And […]

Feb 27 2010

Let the Adventures Begin

I have decided to give Blogging a try again. This is what I know.  I know how to write a blog, put up information and be consistent.  I have chosen a topic that really interests me and something that I am actively involved with, so posting on this topic comes naturally. In January I had […]