Apr 24 2010

I Did Get Noticed

I haven’t posted anything for awhile, because I have Blogging ADHD. You know what that is right? One minute you are totally focused on driving traffic to your site by looking for Memes or Carnivals and the next thing you know you are 3 sites in, no idea how you got there, curled up on […]

Apr 3 2010

Beauty of a Bookmark-5 Great Things About Delicious

Everyday I learn something new.  I am bound and determined to figure all this out.  You get to see the cleaned up version of what I am learning and posting, but I spend a lot of time stumbling around trying to make sense of things that most people have known about for quite some time, […]

Mar 29 2010

Days 8 and 9

I am putting these 2 together because I thought 8 was easy, but 9 is taking forever. On Day 8 I was to link within my own blog.  The good news is I have actually done that quite a bit and will continue to do it as much as I can.  So that was no […]

Mar 26 2010

Day 7 of 31 Days to a Better Blog

So glad at this point that I don’t have any followers reading this blog because it’s been a while since I have showed you my progress on my blogs. On Day 7 Pro Blogger talks about Linking to other sites.  Funny thing this is the one thing I have learned to do and have been […]

Mar 3 2010

Another Moms Blog Directory

Today I joined this blog directory.  It does one of two things.  It helps me get noticed, but it also gives me a community of like blogs to compare too and share with. I am hoping by joining this directory to get more traffic Today I added both M4TN4T and Vacation Thrills to Top Mommy […]

Mar 2 2010

Google Blog Search

Never knew this existed.  I have been putting different things into the search engine trying to find Travel Blogs.  Now I know that there are a million out there, but I was having troubles just finding the blogs. This is a great tool to have so you can look through whatever your niche blog is […]

Mar 1 2010

Few More Things

Today all I did was finish submitting my blog at Blogging Women.  I submitted both my websites, so I will have to see if I get anything from either one of those. The Blog Frog did direct some traffic to me, so I need to go figure out what that is and where it was […]

Feb 28 2010

How it all Began

Here is where my journey begins.  I am already on Day 3 and wanted to start making notes of all I have done.  I am so NOT techie that I don’t even know where I should be saving things.  I have created a lot of folders in Safari.  That seems to working for now.  And […]

Feb 27 2010

Let the Adventures Begin

I have decided to give Blogging a try again. This is what I know.  I know how to write a blog, put up information and be consistent.  I have chosen a topic that really interests me and something that I am actively involved with, so posting on this topic comes naturally. In January I had […]