Apr 24 2010

I Did Get Noticed

I haven’t posted anything for awhile, because I have Blogging ADHD.

You know what that is right?

One minute you are totally focused on driving traffic to your site by looking for Memes or Carnivals and the next thing you know you are 3 sites in, no idea how you got there, curled up on the couch, tea in had and laughing like crazy or amazed at how someone could do that.

Blogging ADHD, I have it bad.

Let me share with you what I have done and where I have been and what I am learning along the way.

I shared with you my blogging schedule. I really like this as it’s the one thing that does keep me on a schedule, plus it’s super helpful when I need ideas to blog about.  I also have daily carnivals that I can participate in IF I want too.

In a woman’s world there are blog carnivals/meme’s everywhere.  Find your niche and start looking around and you will see them.  Not so much the case with the men blogs.

I was recently talking with a friend that said there are some really successful women bloggers out there.  I think it’s probably due to the fact that they are more willing to share some Link Love.

I have focused hard on replying to all comments that come into my blogs.  Not only do I reply, but I also try and send an email too.  I have started to form friendships from this, which is good.  You want that.

My husband helps me with my blog layout.  Just today we added a tool bar across the bottom where people can join Facebook, Twitter and get recent notifications.  I love it because it doesn’t take up any more space on my blog.

I added this specifically because I am doing a giveaway next week.  Why am I doing a giveaway you might ask?  Well here’s the shortened version.

I joined a huge Blog Party.

I got noticed as a Blogger that teaches Kids the Value of Money.  I was asked to use, review and giveaway their product, which I now have a Life time membership too.

I have also signed up in another Women’s blogging Community and I am hoping to have my special day that they notice and promote my site.  It should still be a few months away, but excited for it.

Tonight I am going to a dinner that I was invited too.  It’s a local blogger here in town and she invited me so others could meet me, another local blogger.  How cool is that?

I am getting noticed and rather quickly I might add.  I have put lots of time into this, and I am slowly learning how to put less time into it each day.

I am still plugging through ProBloggers stuff, so stay tuned, I will report back in later.

Apr 3 2010

Beauty of a Bookmark-5 Great Things About Delicious

Everyday I learn something new.  I am bound and determined to figure all this out.  You get to see the cleaned up version of what I am learning and posting, but I spend a lot of time stumbling around trying to make sense of things that most people have known about for quite some time, yet there are people out there that have no idea what some of these things are.  For that I am in an advantageous position.

So here is what I have recently learned:

There is a bookmarking site that I use called Delicious.  I added the tool bar to the top of Firfox browser and began bookmarking things I wanted to come back too.  Things that caught my attention and things that seemed important enough to not lose sight of.  I loved this book marking system, well I still do, but what I didn’t understand right away was how beneficial it was for those I was bookmarking.  They long for this, they hope for this, they want this kind of attention.  I was helping myself and them.  Now that I totally get it, I really love it.

So how does Delicious work?

First you will need to add the Bookmarks to your tool bar.  The browser I prefer and use is Firefox and you can go HERE to see how that is done, there is also Internet Explorer if that is the option you would prefer.  Still didn’t hit the one you use, well go HERE and see if you can find one more to your liking. The other option is to add Bookmarklet, which is what I did.

Once that is installed all you have to do is click on Bookmark on Delicious and you can add your bookmarks with tags.

The 5 Great Things about Delicious

1.   You can organize your bookmarks as well.  I have quite a few lists going.  I have frugal finds, travel, recipes and blogging.  I can make lists from all the things that I have bookmarked to help me keep up on good deals, find travel deals, make new recipes  and keep up on my blogging.

2.   Send your bookmarks to your friends – I love when I find something so great and I like to pass it along, this makes it easy.

3.   Search through your bookmarks by tags – I can pull up one topic at a time, it’s great.

4.   Because this is an online program you can access your bookmarks from anywhere – When I go visit someone and jump on their computer and want to show them something it’s hard to remember all the things I have bookmarked on my computer, but not with this bookmarking system.

5.   You can get subscriptions to specific tags.  Just choose a category, add a subscriptions and it helps locate those sites.

All the while I am doing this I am also promoting these sites bringing attention to them.  This is not the only site out there that does this, but I do like to use this for myself so I wanted to pass along what I have been learning.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what this site can do.  So head on over get started, bookmark your favorites.  And next time someone says to you I love your site and I bookmarked it, it will really mean something to you.

Mar 29 2010

Blogging Women

I got approved today by Blogging Women.  You can see HERE is when I signed up. That was super exciting news for me, you know to be added to a directory and all.  In my excitement I went there to check it out, and I have no idea how to find me.

I don’t have that much time to spend on it right now, but just wanted to note how long it took me to be accepted.  Funny thing is I “applied” a month ago, but just went in and added  a comment and that’s how I got noticed I guess.  I don’t know.

Mar 29 2010

Days 8 and 9

I am putting these 2 together because I thought 8 was easy, but 9 is taking forever.

On Day 8 I was to link within my own blog.  The good news is I have actually done that quite a bit and will continue to do it as much as I can.  So that was no big deal.  I think that keeps people on your site longer, looking for more information.

Day 9 was finding forums in your niche.  I found the forums that wasn’t the hard part.  The hard part for me was getting logged in and trying to figure out how to use a forum.  I don’t use those often and now I remember why.  They just don’t make a lot of sense to me, but I am learning.

I joined Frugal Village and A Full Cup for my Money4ThisNot4That.  Each one has a direct link to my blog.  I am also hoping I can learn tips and tricks from being on there and also have more for my own blog.

I had an Ah Ha moment when I finally found The Blog Frog.  I like this forum and think I can easily get involved.  You can see I signed up for it HERE, I just didn’t understand it at the time.  I’m a little slow, but at least I am figuring this thing out myself.

I am making some progress.  Before you know it I will have my The BlogFrog banner on my website and people can join my community.  Love this.

Off to do my victory dance.

Mar 26 2010

Day 7 of 31 Days to a Better Blog

So glad at this point that I don’t have any followers reading this blog because it’s been a while since I have showed you my progress on my blogs.

On Day 7 Pro Blogger talks about Linking to other sites.  Funny thing this is the one thing I have learned to do and have been doing for weeks now.  As a matter of fact in a women’s world I think this is almost easier. I find all kinds of places to link up with the Mr. Linky’s and different meme’s happening.

Here is a list that I am currently linking to on a regular schedule.  I have watched and this is slowly getting me traffic.  I still don’t have a ton, but that’s ok, I mean at this point my site is 4 months old.

Check out yesterdays post to see where I am linking too.

As you can see these are all for my Money4ThisNot4That site.  My VacationThrills site has been harder to do this with.  Although the other big thing is the time commitment.  Doing 2 sites is a lot for a beginner, and then adding this blog,  haha, what was I thinking?

The learning process has been fun.  As a matter of fact I have even shared ideas with my husband.  Sometimes he thinks they might be kind of dumb, but then that’s when I realize that a womens blogging world is different than the guys.

We like cute sites and social networking.  It’s not competitive, it’s growing our blogs together.

Still, I have looked through what ProBlogger has to say.  He does give tips on how to make these better link content instead posting a quick link.  Which I have been guilty of,  oops.

Mar 25 2010

Schedule Your Posts – Then Stick To It

I have finally come up with somewhat of a schedule and I think that can really help me stay focused, but also keep me motivated.

Here is what my schedule looks like right now.

Monday mayhem – what ads are looking good and any coupon match ups
$5 Dinner at 5dollardinners.com

Tuesday Tips – ways to save without coupons
Bargain Bragging Tuesday – coupon ing to Disney
Top 10 Tuesday @ Oh Amanda.com  could also use this for vacationthrills

What looks good with Albertsons, Haggen, Safeway and Thriftway

Out and About this Week – the deals I came across
Things I Love Thursday – Diaper Diaries
Thrifty Thursday – coupon teacher.com Thrifty idea or way to save a ton of $$
Making Dollars out of Change – Madame Deals.com

Finer Things Friday
Friday Fails – My blessed life.net
Friday Follow – heartsmakefamilies.com
Savers Bungalow @ savingabundle.com – show your deals you found
Frugal Friday – life as Mom

Saturday –
Cha Ching on a shoe string – best weekly deal

What I am excited about this week with Target, Walgreens, and Freddy’s

As you can see I have lots of blog carnivals that I can participate in at any time.  I don’t do them all the time, but I have them listed as ideas in case I don’t know what to do that day.  Or there are times when I have written a pretty decent post and I would like to get some traffic to it, so I do a blog carnival for traffic.

It has taken me almost 3 months to come up with this schedule and I am always adding to it or changing it, but I do know what I will be posting about for the most part during the week.

Do you have a schedule?

Mar 18 2010

Figuring it Out

I am still working on just the few things I know.  I have signed up for other Blog sites.  I know this doesn’t drive a ton of traffic,  but I have noticed at least some traffic.

Today I signed up for BlogHer.  I do need to get back to the 31 days to a Better Blog because I need to start implementing some new things.

I have worked really hard to come up with lists, although for one of my sites it’s a little harder.  When my post is really good, or at least one I have put tons of time into, I do some of the things that I have talked about in previous posts to direct traffic to it.

One of the first things we had to do in the 31 Days was write a long a short description of our site.  I love this because it really gave me clarity, but also because whenever I sign up for things like BlogHer, I just cut and paste my description in, super easy.

Mar 4 2010

Day 5 of ProBloggers 31 Days

Yep, 31 days to build a better blog, and today is day 5 for me.  We are supposed to email someone who has left a comment on our blog.  Well, I have a few comments on Money 4 This Not 4 That, but I don’t have any comments on Vacation Thrills, so trying to email someone was tough.

I have to say, in my defense of NOT doing my homework, I actually did email someone that left me a comment, but that was last week.  Since I don’t currently have comments that will be something I will save for the next time I get some comments, which I am hoping happens this weekend.

I just checked stats and my page views are still low, but they are consistant. Considering I just started directing traffic, I am glad I have any at all.  Well let me rephrase that.  I am glad Money4ThisNot4That has traffic.

Mar 3 2010

Another Moms Blog Directory

Today I joined this blog directory.  It does one of two things.  It helps me get noticed, but it also gives me a community of like blogs to compare too and share with. I am hoping by joining this directory to get more traffic

Today I added both M4TN4T and Vacation Thrills to Top Mommy Blogs.

Remember when commenting to keep it sincere.  Everyone does it for traffic, but don’t make it obvious.  I know even though I should do it for traffic I usually only comment when I have something really positive to say or if I am truly interested and have a question.  Also I am not truly sure what protocol is, but when you add your comment your name becomes  a link to your site, so no need to add another link within your comment.

Can’t wait to work on Day 5 tomorrow.  I spent a lot of time today looking at other similar blogs, ready to focus on my own now.

Mar 2 2010

Google Blog Search

Never knew this existed.  I have been putting different things into the search engine trying to find Travel Blogs.  Now I know that there are a million out there, but I was having troubles just finding the blogs. This is a great tool to have so you can look through whatever your niche blog is about.

Day 4 was to look for similar blogs and compare.

Once you find one that is similar to your niche start looking on their blog for a blogroll.  Basically this is a list of blogs that they follow that are more often than not, similar.  Gardeners like to follow other gardeners, techies like to follow other techies and couponers like to follow other couponers.

The reason why I did this today was to find other blogs like mine.  Find out what they were doing, how they were different and how they were the same.  What I could change and maybe even what they were doing to create so much traffic.

As I began to look through the different sites it made me realize that all of them are a dime a dozen.  What am I going to do to stand out, to be different?  Especially when I think through Money4ThisNot4That.

There are a lot of sights that list off the grocery ads every week and show you coupon match ups.  There are many that I follow, simply because they help me find the coupons that I want.  I too list deals, but not to the extent that they do, nor will I ever.

So I ask myself…How then am I different from them?

Well, I want my sight to also highlight the things that I choose to buy.  I also think I can set myself apart by showing ways to save money that might not be just couponing, but also shopping great sales and looking for bargain, because that is what I do.

I have wanted to remain true to myself through this blogging adventure.  That too will set me apart.  I won’t list sales that stock up on pre packaged food.  Why?

1.  I won’t eat any of it
2.  I won’t even go out to see if the sale is really going on and if everything falls into place with coupons and catalinas.

Alright that is probably more information that you wanted, but do you see how I am trying to be similar, but also find my way to being different?  Setting myself apart, actually hoping for a little different kind of traffic.

My travel blog is also in the same boat.  I don’t know how I want it to be different.  I still need to think about that one.  I want to keep writing on tips from my travels, but also highlight any specials that I see going on.  Still not sure how to set that one up completely either.

I still need to figure out how to make that one stand out.  I think I just need more time and be willing to come back to this day and try again.

So what is your blog about?  Were you able to find others in your niche?  What things did you like and what things do you know you can do better?